Thursday, September 8, 2011

Governor Claims New Waiting Period in Civil Rights Restoration Will Help Felons

Governor Rick Scott claims that new clemency rules requiring waiting periods for convicted felons to restore their civil rights will actually help them become productive citizens who do not re-offend.  As this article from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel states clemency approval will help felons obtain state licenses, jobs, and security clearance. But can waiting longer to regain your civil rights really be a good thing? Not according to the Florida Parole Commission. A recent report by this agency found that in Florida a felon who has their civil rights restored is far less likely to re-offend than a felon whose rights were not restored. When analyzing 31,000 cases over a two year period only 11 percent of those who had their civil rights restored re-offended. See this article from Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau for more statistics and to see the potential effect this waiting period will have on those have been convicted of a felony and are trying to stay on the straight and narrow.

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